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The hardest part of teaching is almost never taught to teachers. If you're struggling with managing student behavior and motivating students to learn, you've finally found the help you need.

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TakeBackThatClass.com provides many different resources for the teacher struggling to manage and motivate students. I'm sure you'll find something helpful below.

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Some of the products below are my own personal creations - my original class online training, my novel Take Back That Class, my other supporting materials developed through my work with the website HelpingTeachersGrow.com. Other products have been created by other professionals and have been so helpful to other educators, I wanted to offer them on this site as well.

Classroom Management Book

Take Back That Class - How I Learned to Love Teaching All Over Again. A book on teaching and classroom management by Darren Barkett. Click here to read the first chapter and the author's bio.

Instant digital download : $12.99

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The two videos on classroom management that started it all! These video presentations are simple yet powerful - especially for the teacher who knows he or she wants help! These videos are nearly 30 minutes long and have been presented over a thousand times, helping teachers across the globe manage and motivate students respectfully and effectively.

Click here to watch the first seven minutes.

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Take Back That Class - Online! This groundbreaking self-paced training in classroom management will help you grow into the teacher you know you can become. It includes...

..the instant download ebook Take Back That Class by Darren Barkett
...the two original class management videos
...thirteen brand new videos that walk you through every stage of developing, implementing, and maintaining your class management system
...membership in our online learning community
...surveys, assignments, and reflections - all designed to help you achieve the state of mind necessary for growing into the effective teacher you've always wanted to be
...instant download class management student checklists and behavior posters
...and the ability to handle about anything your students dish up!

Instant access is available for just $49.95.

Classroom Signs Set

These classroom signs help you teach your students how to...

"Listen When Someone is Speaking"
"Get the Teacher's Attention"
"Follow Directions"
"Accept Feedback"
...and a blank sign for your own needs!

These are available as an instant download for just $3.99!
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100% GuaranteeOur "IRON CLAD 30 Day Money Back Guarantee." We stand behind our product 100%. Receive a NO questions asked, complete refund within 30 days. Just contact our support desk at any time!

"Once I learned Darren's system for managing student behavior, I haven't referred one student to the office- all year! "

The system was so easy to learn and implement, I only wish I'd learned it my first year of teaching. It would have saved me so much time and stress. To think that I could make it through my day without getting frustrated or upset has made all the difference in my decision to remain in the teaching profession. I absolutely love my job now!

Johanna Smithson
Asheville, NC



Read about Darren Barkett's early troubles teaching below...


"The dreaded "big talk" with my principal."

My principal called me in to her office early in the year of my second year teaching. She'd heard from a couple parents who called concerned at how I had acted in front of the class. In no uncertain terms, my principal laid it all on the line. She told me, simply, that unless I learned how to...

manage students who don't want to learn

motivate students

deal with chronically tardy students

handle disrespectful and defiant students

manage the little behaviors like bathroom breaks and frequently absent students

stop the bullying and harassment going on in my class

...that I wouldn't be hired back for my second year of teaching. And I probably wouldn't be hired on by any school in the district! My teaching career would be over before it ever got started!

I started crying. I felt like a fool. Here I was, bawling like one of my students, in front of my principal. What would I do if I couldn't teach? The last five years of my life I'd dedicated to teaching. I wasn't qualified to do anything else! For so long, I'd expected to be one of those career teachers that teachers for 30 years or more. And here I am nearly fired after my first year!

What was I going to do?


"Turning Things Around"

I went home that night and spent the entire weekend trying to look at my problems with my students from a new perspective. What was it exactly that was keeping me from being successful in the classroom?

I made a list of the dozen or so different behaviors that kept me from teaching my students. And what I realized is that nearly all my students' misbehaviors and all my frustrations were caused by one missing element. You know what that was?

I hadn't taught my students how to behave.

It sounds silly, I know. Especially in the older grades. Teaching students how to behave? They should just know how!

But clearly they didn't. Otherwise I wouldn't be having the problems I was having.

So I went to school the next week with some nice homemade signs about being nice to eachother and being respectful to me and the other students. I even took the time to show the students my nice signs and to calmly warn them about the importance of doing what the signs told them to, which was simple statements like "Be respectful!" and "Treat others the way you want to be treated."

This should change everything! If my students knew how to behave, then I shouldn't have any more problems.

It didn't work.

That very same day I found myself losing my temper all over again. I tried to calm myself down, but it just didn't work.

Why couldn't my students just sit down and listen to me?

Didn't they realize how important this was to their futures? Couldn't they see how much I really cared about them and their personal growth?

Perhaps that wasn't the problem. Perhaps my well-intentioned signs encouraging "mutual respect" weren't clear enough. Perhaps I needed to approach my students behaviors as if it were an entire lesson all by itself.

I spent that evening working on a new lesson. A lesson I'd never taught before. A lesson I'd never heard anyone else teach before, either.

This lesson would teach students how to behave in my class. And I was going to be so specific that there wouldn't be any room for misunderstanding.

I came to school the next day, armed with my new lesson, which had actually turned into a two day lesson. I explained to the students why I had to teach them these silly sounding lessons.

And I taught them, following my lesson plan carefully, being as specific and calm as possible.

You know what happened?





It really worked! I mean it wasn't perfect from the start, but by the end of that week, my students were behaving better. I was interrupted less. Students were listening more. I didn't have to repeat myself a dozen times to be heard. I hadn't raised my voice nearly all week. I even laughed with my students at different points.

By Friday of that week, I surprised myself when I looked in the mirror before heading out the door for the weekend. I was smiling again! I was even looking forward to Monday so that I could see if my success with my new class management system was a fluke or if it would continue to work.

The next week, not only did it continue to work, but other things got easier, too! When in the past I would have been terribly frustrated at...

disrespectful and defiant students
students who shout in class
students who won't sit down
the chronically unprepared student
students who won't listen
students not following directions
having to tell students over and over what to do

...now I know exactly how to handle these situations without losing my temper or getting upset. In fact, as time passed, those behaviors showed up less and less. It was amazing for me to witness. In a matter of weeks if not days, I had completely turned around my entire approach to managing student behaviors and my outlook on teaching had changed too.

My principal came by later that semester and asked me jokingly, "What happend to that other teacher that used to be in here?"

My students were fun to be around, and my parents were often visibly thankful with me when I ran into them in the community.

I had become the teacher I'd always wanted to be.

And I want to help you become the teacher you want to be, too!

That's why I've developed this training. And that's why I want you to have it!

"I was fed up with all the systems my principals wanted me to use, but Darren's management style was so easy, I was using it the very next day."

I was really surprised at how quickly it changed my students' behaviors. Students I had about given up on totally turned around and became constructive members of my class. It wasn't two weeks later that I realized I hadn't raised my voice even once since I started using the methods Darren taught me.

Sue Pinkerton
Canton, NC

My powerful yet amazingly simple classroom management training will...

cut your behavior problems in half in a matter of days!
stop disruptive behavior before it disrupts your teaching!
get your class silent in a moment without raising your voice!

get students to listen to you every time you speak!
stop negative student comments, both to you and other students!
keep your classes on-task and learning!
help your students achieve on standardized tests!
help you love working with your students!
and more!

Are you ready to learn what it takes to become a successful teacher?

Just ask yourself...

...what would it be worth to have a peaceful class full of thoroughly enjoyable students actively learning and participating in a class of your own design?

...what would it be worth to feel confident as you walk into your school?

...what would it be worth to truly love your job as a teacher?

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If you want to become a better teacher right now, sign up for this training right now. You have made it this far in your career. Don't throw it all away by failing to take this one simple step. The tools you need to become a better teacher are at hand. Grab them and you'll be amazed at the teacher you can become!

Don't wait! Order today!

To your growth as a teacher,

Darren Barkett
President, Helping Teachers Grow

p.s. This is too good to pass up. With my Iron Clad Money-back Guarantee in place, there's zero risk to you and you have everything to gain! Do you want to be where you are now two months from now, struggling with your students and hating your job, or do you want to be on your way to the career you deserve and have always wanted?

p.p.s. I've helped hundreds of other teachers with their classroom management issues. Don't you want a little help, too?

p.p.p.s Once you participate in and see just how easy managing student behavior can be, you'll kick yourself for all the time you wasted struggling against your students. This training will help you teach your students how to be the students you want them to be. Now doesn't that sound nice? Don't wait! Order now!




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